Adh Mór Good Luck Pack of 10 Greeting Cards

Adh Mór Good Luck Pack of 10 Greeting Cards

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Ádh Mór, meaning Good Luck in Irish

Send your best wishes with a touch of Irish charm using our "Ádh Mór" Greeting Card, which translates to "Good Luck" in the Irish language. This elegantly designed card is more than just a gesture; it's a piece of Irish culture that encapsulates the heartfelt sentiment of well-wishing.

With a tasteful blend of traditional Irish elements, this card beautifully conveys your intentions. The phrase "Ádh Mór" is not only a message of luck but also a connection to the rich heritage of Ireland. Whether it's for exams, a new job, a journey, or any significant life event, this card conveys your warmest wishes in a language that resonates across generations.

Share the essence of Irish goodwill and blessings with our "Ádh Mór" Greeting Card, a token of luck and positivity that transcends borders and speaks to the heart. 

A pack of 10 beautiful greeting cards with premium off-white envelopes. Perfect for any occasion. We recommend to use the semi-glossy or glossy options if you are to offer greeting cards with photos or images in them primarily. For text-heavy cards such as wedding invitations and thank you notes we recommend matte paper as it is often used to create a more luxurious or professional feeling. Premium off-white envelopes are included

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