Landscape Painting of Fair Head Ballycastle by Irish Art Stephen McClean Buy Irish Art
This is a serene coastal painting titled "Tide Coming In" by Irish artist Stephen McClean. The artwork depicts Ballycastle beach with Fair Head in the distance on Northern Ireland's North Coast. It's an original acrylic painting on a wooden panel, measuring 30cm x 35cm (12" x 14" inches), beautifully framed in grey with a white scoop inlay, sized 45cm x 50cm (18" x 20" inches). A perfect addition to your art collection or a thoughtful gift for art and nature enthusiasts.

Fair Head Ballycastle Beach Original Painting

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Introducing "Tide Coming In" - A Captivating Coastal Masterpiece by Irish Artist Stephen McClean

🌊 Experience the serene beauty of Ballycastle beach with "Tide Coming In," a mesmerizing original painting on wooden panel. This exquisite artwork captures the essence of County Antrim on Northern Ireland's North Coast, showcasing the magnificent Fair Head in the distance.

🖌️ Created with the utmost passion and craftsmanship, this painting is a testament to Stephen McClean's artistry. Each brushstroke is a testament to his dedication to encapsulating the natural wonders of his homeland.

🎨 **Medium**: Acrylic on wooden panel, offering a vibrant and enduring representation of the picturesque landscape.

🖼️ **Size**: "Tide Coming In" measures 30cm x 35cm (12" x 14" inches), allowing you to immerse yourself in the details of this coastal masterpiece.

🖼️ **Frame**: This beautiful artwork comes framed in a tasteful 45cm x 50cm (18" x 20" inches) frame. The frame boasts a striking combination of grey with a white scoop inlay, perfectly complementing the painting's color palette and enhancing its overall elegance.

✨ **Key Features**:

🌟 **Authenticity**: "Tide Coming In" is a signed, original work by Stephen McClean. It's not just a painting; it's a piece of Irish art history, making it a unique addition to any collection.

🌟 **Northern Ireland's Beauty**: Bring the captivating charm of Northern Ireland's North Coast into your living space. Whether you have a personal connection to this stunning location or simply appreciate the allure of coastal scenery, this painting captures it all.

🌟 **Gift-Worthy**: Looking for a special gift? "Tide Coming In" makes for a heartfelt and cherished present for art enthusiasts, nature lovers, or anyone who appreciates the beauty of Ireland's coastline.

Elevate your home or workspace with the enchanting beauty of "Tide Coming In." Don't miss the opportunity to own a piece of Ireland's coastal splendour, meticulously brought to life by Stephen McClean. Order yours today and bring the magic of Ballycastle beach and Fair Head into your daily life.

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