Green Glen's of Antrim Original Painting
'Green Glens of Antrim,' an original painting on canvas by the renowned Irish artist, Barra Ó Maoláin

Green Glen's of Antrim Original Painting

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Introducing the breathtaking masterpiece, 'Green Glens of Antrim,' an original painting on canvas by the renowned Irish artist, Barra Ó Maoláin. This exquisite artwork transports you to the captivating landscapes of County Antrim's north coast, where the majestic Lurig Mountain meets the enchanting Glenariff in the distance.

Barra Ó Maoláin's keen artistic eye and profound connection to the Irish terrain are masterfully captured in every brushstroke of this remarkable piece. The meticulous attention to detail brings to life the rolling hills, vibrant meadows, and the rugged contours of Lurig Mountain, evoking a sense of serenity and wonder that is distinctly Irish.

Measuring approximately 45cm x 90cm, framed with a thick decorative black frame with a white scoop inlay, this original painting radiates authenticity and uniqueness. The use of rich, vibrant pigments showcases the artist's mastery of color, while the canvas itself becomes a gateway to the beauty and mystique of the Antrim countryside. It's a mesmerising portrayal that draws you into the scene, allowing you to explore the lush valleys and towering peaks with every gaze.

'Green Glens of Antrim' isn't just a painting; it's an invitation to journey through the soul-stirring landscapes of Ireland's north coast. Whether you're an art collector, an admirer of Irish culture, or simply someone who appreciates the power of visual storytelling, this artwork is destined to become the crown jewel of your collection.

Experience the allure of County Antrim's natural beauty and the artistic brilliance of Barra Ó Maoláin with 'Green Glens of Antrim.' Add this exquisite original painting to your space and let the magic of Ireland's landscapes awaken your senses and imagination. This is more than art; it's a window to a world of wonder and beauty that will forever resonate in your heart.

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